Monday, February 13, 2012

A Work In Progress / Marek Latzmann

More of Marek's work can be seen here [link]


Friday, February 10, 2012

Louise-Andrée Roberge

En tant qu’artiste, je me situe plus comme une illustratrice que peintre ou sculpteure. Toujours animée par la même passion, je passe du réalisme au naïf, à l’abstraction, au décoratif. J’aime cette époque dans laquelle nous vivons, où toutes les formes d’expression en arts visuels sont permises et où l’on n’est pas tenu de se définir par un seul style.
Tout m’influence, tout m’inspire.
Le style
C’est l’âme
Qui anime la main…

As an artist, I think of myself more of an illustrator who paints and sculpts. Aways driven by the same passion, I go from realism to naive, from abstraction to decorative. I enjoy this time in which we live, where all forms of expression in the visual arts are permitted and one is not forced to be defined by a single style.

Everything influences me,
Everything inspires me.
[From her website, link here]

Louise-Andrée Roberge, chair
Louise-Andrée Roberge, detail
Louise-Andrée Roberge, back of chair

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Sneak Preview

My darling, John Ballantyne, is also doing a chair for The Chair Project. There has been a lot of teasing about the size of the chair and when it might be finished, as he is not known for working quickly. [I have been known to put paint rollers in his Christmas stocking...hint, hint]. Most paintings take 3 months or more, so that when he announced on the week-end that he had started I looked at the calender and started to pray. Well something happened. The guy is going full blast; I have never seen him paint like this. The paint goes on and stays on. Haven't heard the sander yet. That sound tells me I need to leave home for a while. So here is a sneak preview of his unfinished chair. To see more of John's work click here.
progressing / John Ballantyne
John starting his chair project

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Elizabeth Tsuk

We received another chair for the Chair Project.  Elizabet Tsuk's work has been among my favourites since I first saw an exhibition at Arts Sutton of her work and Esther Williams in 2004. I love the whimsy of the work; these tiny, odd, or perhaps usual is a better word, chairs with their step ladder backs. It is as if to sit in them you are transported to another place. They had made a huge impression on me and it was a great pleasure to revisit one of them. Here are a few shots to enjoy. The chair is wonderful and so are the shadows it casts.

Elizabeth Tsuk Link 2
Elizabeth Tsuk
Detail, Elizabeth Tsuk

Detail, shadows, Elizabeth Tsuk